Instructor and Beyond…

The Ultimate Pole Mama

Whether you have heard about this award nomination or not; whether you even know KB and the Pole Infinity Studio or not, please give your support, and vote for the most amazing of pole instructors!

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Those who are acquainted with the Pole Infinity and Beyond Gravity Yoga Studio will be well aware of its magical, mood-boosting, memory-making powers. A special place like this does not materialise out of nowhere – it happens through hard work, dedication, imagination and maybe even pushing the boundaries a little bit…! Add a fabulous team of instructors, a lot of fun, photos and friendship for the perfect Pole recipe.

The genesis of Pole Infinity sums up its ethos of empowerment, support and tenacity – The Studio was born in a matter of days thanks to Karen’s dedication to Pole. With a business partner on board and lots of friends, family and supporters, she was able to create Pole Infinity, almost over-night, in order to continue training a group of ladies for a show.

Karen is an incredibly busy person: surrounded by family, animals and her little pole chicks; she works full-time; runs the Studio (along with new partner in crime, Victoria); develops new programmes; instructs, and arranges and dances in shows for charity. If that’s not enough, recognising the power of the perfect photograph, she spends a vast amount of time (often well into ‘the wee hours’) working on pictures to boost and encourage her students.

I have no doubt that there isn’t another instructor like Karen anywhere in the world! Being a therapist, she knows the value, motivation and power of Pole in raising self-esteem, confidence and providing a mindful focus. There are many success stories arising from Karen combining two of her passions. She has helped two of the most beautiful and amazing young women overcome difficulties, and still continues to be a close friend and guide to them. These two gorgeous girls will credit Karen with saving their lives. In fact, their stories are so awe-inspiring that they have featured in local and national press, as well as garnering interest from the United Pole Artists.

With the amount of hours dedicated to being both a studio co-owner and instructor, Brave Baldwin could have easily solely focused on her job as a full-time therapist, but instead steered through some choppy waters with a renewed positivity and enthusiasm… Double trouble, Karen and Victoria, are sure to bring further love, laughs and long evenings (seriously, there have been Friday nights when I haven’t gotten home from the Studio until 1 am!) as Pole Infinity continues to conquer the world!

Even if you don’t know of this ‘little Studio with a big heart’, I urge you to vote for Karen Baldwin. I can’t imagine another studio which provides as much support, uniqueness and innovation. She deserves to be recognised and acknowledged across the Pole universe (and beyond) for her positive attitude, commitment to poling and her students, as well as her friendship and kindness.

You can vote right up until the 20th of May and can vote once a day, every day! Submit your name/ e-mail, tick the box, find Karen Baldwin’s photo and vote, then press enter … Easy! Whether you are a poler, friend or family member of a pole addict, local business or organisation… please vote (and encourage others). It’s a vote for kindness, positivity and well-being (which the world needs a lot more of).


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