Prescription for Pole…

This is quite a spontaneous and unplanned blog post, but there were a few things which happened yesterday which had a bit of an impact on me and got me thinking (maybe because it was Friday the 13th!)

The first instance was when I revealed my ‘secret life’ to a friend and colleague, inviting her into the ‘inner circle’. As I suspected, she wasn’t in the least bit surprised and shocked; in fact, she guessed just before I told her. This particular lovely lady is quite often on the same wavelength as me and recognises the important (and not so important) things in life, as opposed to misplaced priorities. I invited her to experience the magic of Pole Infinity, so I hope she takes me up on that offer! Towards the end of the, quite brief, conversation, she stopped short and appeared to have a ‘eureka’ moment. Despite having never been on a pole 🙂 (the person in question will get the joke!) she completely understood the potential of Pole. She explained that she knows someone who is struggling a bit at the moment and that the empowerment, fun, distraction and confidence that results from this intriguing activity could be ideal… Maybe she has seen a positive change in me, or is particularly astute, but it certainly got me thinking (even more than usual) about the Power of Pole.

Another thing that had an effect on me yesterday was another chat I had with the most gorgeous, amazing and bright young lady. I will not say too much, but I have always liked seeing the progress she has made, week after week, at Pole class. I hope she doesn’t mind me saying, but when I first met her, she could hardly make eye contact; she kept her head down and seemed to really dislike any attention. What a journey this girl has been on. As the weeks went by, I could see that she was gradually stepping out of her comfort zone. Her determination is so inspiring – she would, often quietly in the background, attempt, again and again, a specific move until she was completely out of breath… and still keep going. Seriously – about an hour and a half repeatedly on the Superman flip – she really is Super Girl! Without fear, she now quickly and smoothly butterflies, snakes and spins and is often the first to volunteer to try a move in front of the class. Previously, she would have criticised and dismissed her photographs; now she is proud and likes what she sees. The Power of Pole (including pole friends and family) was really brought to light when she (modestly) let slip about an incredible opportunity – not something that happened by chance, but something she has bravely created and pursued herself. I want this fab young woman to know how moving it has been seeing her advance and transform. I have met a few poling women who are the ultimate role-models for females, and she is one of them. How courageous for her to let the wide world hear her voice. How encouraging for others, particularly young girls, when they hear of her story. How optimistic and passionate she seems about what’s ahead of her. I suppose her inner journey has been reflected through her pole experience – from averting her gaze and physically stepping back and trying to shrink into herself, maybe only braving a pole move with her friend (who also, by the way, is an inspirational and impressive girl), to enthusiastically volunteering for whichever spontaneous brainwave KB may have! I look forward to seeing you further flourish, and hearing (or reading!) more of your story. And I don’t think I have ever seen so many photos of cows and horses proudly presented to me on a mobile phone!

Anyone who knows the next incredible woman, will be aware of how Pole (and her pole community and supporters) has influenced her. She will hate me writing about her and I could probably write a book, but she deserves to be praised, applauded and admired for her strength (both mental and physical). This ‘Hurricane’ comes alive in the Pole Studio. For someone who can be so negative about herself, I could see her pole passion, kindness and her caring side when teaching a brand-new student to learn some spins. I know how motivating she can be (“Point your toes”…“ Ahhhh, my hand’s stuck!”… “You can do it”… “Try it again”… “Why won’t your hands go flat?”) She genuinely wants others to succeed and knows how valuable pole can be in building inner and outer strength. She makes me laugh so much (and quite often laughs at me – should I be offended?!) and is a ray of sunshine (or rainbow) for those who know her. I know this exceptional girl has had ups and downs, highs and lows, but she is a fighter and I am confident that she will keep fighting. With lots of people in her corner, whether it’s to mop up spilled fizzy drink, or listen, advise and guide, or encouraging her on the pole, this amazingly special force of nature should realise how beautiful she is; how inspirational she is; how proud she should be and what positive qualities and abilities she has. I hope to see a beautiful rainbow in 24 days’ time…

Although I didn’t see this final fantastic female on Friday the 13th (where were you?!), this wonder woman has had an impact on me too. Again, when I first met her, we didn’t really speak much. I knew her story (in fact, her photo was the first I saw of Pole Infinity as KB tried to entice me to go to her Studio) and how brave and beautiful she was (is); little did I know that she would become a lovely friend. I remember, months ago, when she said, “I love the new me!” I think this sums up the sparkling outcome of a chapter in her life. From palm trees to fire men, clam shells to bum cheeks, street pole birthday celebrations and hailing taxis home(!)… I smile and laugh so much at these fun stories and the bad influence she has on me! You would never know that this Mar-maid wasn’t always like this – with such cheeky grins and a carefree attitude. The power of pole strikes again… With so many on her side – so many wonderful people around her, the support and influence of Queen B (or should that be Kueen B?!) and the presence of pole in her life (namely, her living room), this sweet, smiling Siren has such sparkling things ahead of her. (Plus, her mum makes really delicious buns!)

So, I think I have to conclude that, despite my brain bubbling over with all these observations and thoughts on Friday the 13th, it seems that pole is (very) lucky for some…

pOWER inCollage_20180414_210702570[2380]

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