Fancy winning this fab bundle of Pole goodies…?! Silly question?!                      


Pole compet 1 20180408_184422-1[2120]

The Perfect Pole Prize


Prize includes: ‘The Art of Pole Dancing’ book; Go Grip gloves (size M) and…

A Glowing Dance Pole! This comes complete with carry bag and DVD/ booklet of assembly instructions. And, it’s pink!




How can you win this booty!?

  • Follow the Ms. Infinity Blog
  • Share via one of the possible platforms
  • Leave a comment stating which blog has been your favourite… so far! (Extra ‘marks’ for adding further detail to your comment!)

So… Get reading, liking, sharing, following, commenting!



From Ms. Infinity x



Pole compet 4 20180408_183616[2122]

16 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME!

  1. Emeline says:

    All fired up after reading “LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE GIRLS…” post. Same feeling as every time I come back from the studio after a pole, yoga or antigravity class, surrounded by all those strong, funny, charming, special women. :*

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  2. MiaMac says:

    My favourite is the POLE MAMA’S DAY! Its inspiring to see the encouragement and pride going both ways and shows that there is no age limits to taking up pole. I’m a firm believer that you are your kids best role model (and had a little heart tug reading your mums reaction as I remember my dads comments when someone made a not so positive remark and it made me feel ‘He has my back’).

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  3. Sophie Scoltock says:

    I loved the Come out of your shell blog ❤ Pole infinity has really helped me personally to come out of my shell and become much more confident as ive progressed. You mention the ‘sisterhood’ and it really has allowed me to meet the most AMAZING girls who all support one another!!❤❤

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  4. Aoife keys says:

    My favourite blog was the first one as it just sums up the studio and the feelings you have when you’re there. It’s like an escape from reality x

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  5. Lisa Becker says:

    One small step for woman… one giant leap for woman kind has been my favourite so far.
    Here’s a little bit why ❤️
    This is my favourite blog post so far. When I joined Pole Infinity polercise classes I knew no one and was quite apprehensive at the start, I suffer from anxiety, and anyone that knows or suffers anxiety knows how much you question everything and ask yourself what if, and have no confidence at all and hide. I wore a long jumper and Long trousers, stood at the very back of the room. When it came to doing work on the pole I could not even lift myself up! I mean not even an inch.However the workout and the practice was so addictive and so good. When I left my first class I couldn’t drive for 10 minutes as I couldn’t even steer the steering wheel with muscle pain, I had worked out so much. The week after I felt a dream deference I noticed I had got stronger and by week 3 I was finally able to lift myself off the ground! I was so chuffed and proud and felt even more determined. Needless to say by week 4 I had the hot pants on and the long joggers off! I have met lovely girls and made some fabulous new friends. My confidence has seared. I have never had that with any sport and I can’t believe I didn’t start earlier. It has given me so much. Not just a good workout and fitness but it has given me a new sense of confidence and happiness. It’s incredible. I like be reading this blog and this post made me smile thinking I’m not the only one that started off the same! Polercise rocks!

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