Come out of your shell

Spring Clean Your Attitude…

So, Spring and Easter are a time of new beginnings, making way for the new, re-birth and refreshment. We might Spring clean the house (does anyone still do that!?); store our Winter clothes in readiness for the (supposed) warmer weather, or plan to get outside and take part in more activities due to the brighter evenings. We see baby lambs in the fields; daffodils cheerfully greeting us and beautiful pink blossoms coming to life.

At a time of blossoming and starting afresh, you might be considering making some changes, perhaps resurfacing from that warm, cosy, comfort zone. You may be considering taking up a new hobby, meeting new people or developing your skills… Perhaps ditching those inhibitions, along with the winter wardrobe and preparing yourself to be ‘beach body ready’ (actually, I really don’t like that phrase – Be ‘I love my amazing body and I don’t care what anyone else thinks’ ready).

The recent new Pole Infinity term has been chock-a-block. This is a fantastic sign, showing that word is spreading about the benefits of pole fitness and the fabulous things the Studio has to offer. Also, females are giving the metaphorical middle finger to society’s ideals and beliefs, caring less about supposed opinions on pole and more about appreciating their body and feeling empowered. It won’t be long until the new timetable will be published – no rest for the wicked (not that I would ever suggest that VM and KB are wicked!) and there is a lot of interest already. Keep an eye out for classes being offered in the new term and get in there early! FB_IMG_1521937507083Or, if you are aged 13-18, you don’t have to wait that long: Get yourself booked in for the beginners’ Teen Pole Workshop which is this Friday (6th April). Still on Easter break, so no excuses!

You may have seen the Studio’s Facebook post/ image on the benefits of pole. As this blog post is about trying something new and ‘coming out of your shell’, it is relevant that, amongst many other positives, pole fitness can: increase self-esteem, re-define how you see yourself, provide freedom of self-expression, allow you to take chances, be part of the ‘sisterhood’…

If you don’t take a chance, take that leap, you will never know what you are capable of – ‘Those who don’t jump will never fly.’ – Leena Ahmad Almashat. In all honesty, when KB told me about her Studio and encouraged me to go, the people-pleaser I am/ was and due to my high regard for KB, my mouth was saying, “Oh yeah, I’d love to”, but my mind was thinking, “Not a chance…”! If I hadn’t taken that first step (or spin – firefly on a static pole…), I wouldn’t still be attending the Studio, 15 months later and if I had given up after the first six weeks (after all, I was just giving it a go) I would certainly not be Ms. Infinity!  AK inCollage_20180318_191353779

Unless you try, you will never understand the boost you get from succeeding with a move (however simple – although there is nothing ‘simple’ about pole), getting a round of applause and maybe even seeing yourself on screen. Being a poler pervades all aspects of life – you don’t leave your kick-ass attitude at the Studio door when you leave. As well as physical strength, you also develop a real inner strength – it’s a superpower only true pole ninjas can experience!

I have witnessed the experiences of pole students of all ages, abilities and attitudes. There is nothing like achieving something you never thought possible, realising what your body can do and how amazing you look in a move or position or spin. Nobody in the Studio would get away with saying “I’m too old for this” (you know who you are) or, “There’s no way I can do that.” Maybe you are a mummy or a granny, or perhaps a teenager and feel defined by a certain ‘identity’ – throw yourself (but very carefully – health and safety!) onto a hammock, or a chair, or a pole… Re-define presumptions; resurrect that spontaneous girl who is fighting to escape and fine-tune that attitude. And what freedom (and Mindfulness) to be had when having a little freestyle spin, in your own little pole world.

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As for the sisterhood – Attending Pole Infinity automatically grants you membership. Welcome to a world where females are not jealous of one another (of course we do look on in awe at some moves which may seem impossible) and do not criticise, but encourage, support and motivate one another. In this competitive world, exist in a land where you ‘Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle’.

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