Teen-finity and Beyond 

Promoting positive attitudes, confidence and focus in young people.

We all know that being a teenager can be tough: assessments, homework, exams, friendships, relationships, social media, feeling self-conscious, peer-pressure, decision-making, family issues… growing into the adult they will become. TeenHelp.com states that, amongst teenagers: 31% say their stress has increased over the past year; 34% believe their stress will increase in the coming year; 42% of teens do not believe they are doing enough to manage their stress.

Whether you are a parent, guardian, sibling, grandparent, teacher or a teenager, you are sure to recognize the importance of dealing with stress, worry or feeling overwhelmed in a healthy way. These two classes, taking place in Pole Infinity and Beyond Gravity Yoga over the Easter break, provide the perfect opportunity to assist with beginning to overcome some of these teenage terrors.


Exam Calm – Kick that exam stress into infinity and beyond

It is only approximately 5 or 6 weeks until formal exams start, whether that be GCSEs, AS and A2 levels, or other external, or even internal school examinations. As teachers know, young ‘uns are expert procrastinators, excuse-makers and complainers (sorry!), quite often leaving it to the last minute to start studying and readying themselves for exams. This can lead to further denial, feeling swamped … basically not dealing with this stress in a productive way.

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All is not lost – there are ways and means to combat these pressures and nip them in the bud at an early stage. The correct attitude goes a long way; this combined with Mindfulness techniques, can be a huge benefit in navigating your way through life.

The University of Oxford’s study on the impact of under-taking a course in Mindfulness reveals a: 58% reduction in anxiety levels • 57% reduction in depression • 40% reduction in stress.

This Exam Calm workshop, is by no means a ‘magic wand’ or ‘quick-fix’; but an understanding of Mindfulness, an introduction to some techniques, and tips on how to remain calm and concentrated during the exam period are extremely valuable tools for now and always. Just as the body can be trained through exercise, the mind can be ‘taught’ to focus, concentrate and learn. You may go to the gym, or an exercise class, or play sport to help your body physically… Why would you not do the equivalent for your brain?

This one-of-a-kind class is the perfect opportunity to take a break from studying over the Easter break, learn some new highly beneficial techniques and maybe make new friends. The workshop facilitator has over 15 years of post-primary teaching experience and preparing students for exams, as well as professional training in and experience of delivering Mindfulness sessions. Fervent about the importance of young people’s mental health, well-being and positive behaviour, the instructor has also completed/ is completing courses in CBT, Exercise and Mental Health and Youth Mental Health (Anxiety), amongst others.

For further information and to BOOK A PLACE:

fb.me/LearnCalmBreathe  / m.me/PoleInfinityDerry / 07543337668 / Contact Us through this webpage.


Teen Pole Taster – Feel fierce in a fun, friendly atmosphere

So, Exam Calm will help take care of your mind; what about your body? Actually, Pole Fitness is amazing for mind, body and soul. When you are having fun and focused, in the moment, you are being truly mindful. Further to this, achieving moves or spins really builds confidence and self-esteem, providing a mood boost which is second to none. It is clear that fitness is vital. Research even shows that, ‘Moderate exercise appears to prevent episodes of depression in the long term’ (The Shriver Report).  received_10216755200732210

At a time when young women are: seeking to find ‘the real you’; creating friendships; developing values, ideals and opinions, this teen pole class is a fantastic way to show what you’re capable of, appreciate your body, and experience the power of pole. If that’s not enough, a pole fitness class can provide a brilliant work-out, release endorphins and build strength.

This is a 75 minute workshop, but you may find that you have an affinity for Pole Infinity! Perhaps you will discover a hidden talent, a natural flair or hidden strength. This could well be the beginning of your pole journey.

To book of for more information, message the Studio: http://m.me/PoleInfinityDerry Or contact us through this webpage.


Other info. to ease your journey:

  • Wear comfortable, fitness clothing, for example, leggings, t-shirt and trainers. And bring some water!
  • If you use an inhaler etc., make sure to have it with you.
  • You will complete a form with some details and if you are under 16, a parental/ guardian signature is required.
  • Special offer available: £6 per person or £10 for two.
  • This is a teen (ages 13-18) beginners’ taster/ workshop which takes place amidst a non-judgemental ethos. Level of fitness, body size or shape don’t matter.


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