Fit, fun and a little bit flirty… Find out about the Studio’s new adventure in fitness

*Warning: This class may be highly addictive and cause joy, self-confidence and amusement.*

You may have tried everything, from Aerobics to Zumba, but there’s nothing like this new, unique and exciting fitness class being offered by Pole Infinity and Beyond Gravity Yoga Studio. Always innovative and forward-thinking, Pole Infinity has developed this one-of-a kind fitness class. It combines fabulous music, a little bit of dance, some floor work and maybe a chair to strut your stuff around. Throw in some props or a flirty outfit and gorgeous photographs for you to treasure forever and there you have it: DropBeat Gorgeous!

If hopping on a pole is not for you, or you would like to expand your Pole Infinity repertoire, this new class could be what you’re looking for. Providing a great work-out, toning, improved coordination, body awareness, posture and flexibility (the fun, laughter and giggles come free), DropBeat Gorgeous! is sure to be a hit.

Burl 3IMG-20180320-WA0005[2084]Pole Infinity Studio turns the belief about beauty and femininity on its head (often literally) and this lively, exclusive fitness class is no exception. With so many women lacking in body confidence, we need to embrace what we’ve got, what we look like and what our bodies can do… With an incredibly supportive environment, cast off those inhibitions, leave your negativity at the door and strut your beautiful stuff. The enthusiastic, experienced and encouraging instructors (stunning Sharon and amazing Marianne) will be your glamorous guides through your journey to a new you!

Without judgement, this course will allow you to be yourself, be comfortable and be confident. You can wear what you like: heels, thigh-high boots, grubby old trainers, lace, stockings, or a top-to-toe onesie (and you can also leave your hat on!) However, when you see the gorgeous photographs, you will maybe want to dare to bare and show off in a sassy little ensemble!

Burl 2IMG-20180320-WA0004[2083]

All sizes, shapes, abilities and ages (okay, so there might be a lower age limit) will be welcomed into the open arms of your fellow students (AKA friends you just haven’t met yet), your instructor and the whole Pole Infinity and Beyond Gravity Yoga family. With both a day and evening class on offer, as well as special package discounts, make sure to get in touch before the new term (Monday, 26th March) to secure your spot!

So you have no excuse: Take some time for yourself; forget your worries; get that body moving (your laughter muscles will certainly get a work-out) and Be the Gorgeous lady that you are.

Ms. Infinity x

DropBeat inCollage_20180320_220000847[2081]

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