Pole Mama’s Day!

Some may believe that mother/ daughter poling is unusual or surprising. But would mother and daughter Yoga, Pilates or aerobics be considered as such? What about father and daughter pole fitness…? I think this is a great story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLAWmGTd4WU

Luckily, I have been witness to several mother and daughter polers and I can say thapexels-photo-736428.jpegt it is so lovely to watch. What a powerful, fun and bonding experience for these parent and child pairs. One such pairing, I have shared many classes with. I hope you don’t mind me saying M, but it is my belief that you had to be persuaded to accompany your gorgeous girl to her first lesson!? Needless to say, as with the majority of first-timers, I don’t think there needed to be much coercion after that! What I observe with this dynamic duo is mum encouraging, praising and urging whilst still subtly keeping a protective eye; the right balance of freedom and security, letting go and reassurance. Vice versa, her little girl thoughtfully provides the former with tips and advice, batting away her pleas of “I’m getting too old for this”!

Another awesome twosome I have the privilege of knowing, unbeknownst to them, fill me with joy in their company. Role-model, confidante, parent, encourager, nurturer and guide, the mum in this couple is so inspirational for her ‘mini-me’. Not only are these two so beautiful on the outside, but also incredibly caring towards others. KB and C received_10216658487594442[2050]Just as mother provides support to her pole brood, family and friends, her mini-me too blossoms when encouraging her friends – I can see the pride in her eyes when her companions achieve and progress (then they giggle and squeal, take selfies and laugh mischievously, as teenage friends do). This parent and child light up in each other’s company. They are connected, but independent. Sometimes, all that is necessary to display this bond is quiet reassurance sought by daughter and soft encouragement provided by mother. And I haven’t even gotten to their prowess and grace on the pole! Both exude style, elegance and athleticism (and make it look so easy – I haven’t quite accomplished that yet!)

KB and C received_10216658488154456[2051]

KB with her Mini-Me!


These mini-mes are the polers of the future; the next generation of athletes and leaders, mentors and role-models. With such powerful pole mamas (and dads), they are sure to flourish and continue to inspire.

Here’s to all the pole mamas – whether you are looking after your beginner pole chicks; supporting your daughters in their interest; pursuing your own pole passion or spinning around a pole together.

As for my mum, she has yet(!) to join me on a pole. She has however been extremely encouraging of my recently found obsession. When I eventually told her (or rather showed her my photos), after continuously and confusingly pointing out ‘that girl’ and ‘her’, then being enlightened, ‘that’s me!’, I could see she was proud… She was non-judgemental, complimentary and delighted for me. After two scrolls through the pictures, she excitedly ordered me to ‘show that one to your daddy’… When I refused this demand, she took the phone from me anyway and presented it to my dad as I waited with baited breath. ‘That’s your daughter…’ I write this with tear-clouded eyes, remembering these moments.

So, my mum may not be inverting, shoulder-mounting and Tinkerbelling(!), but she is practically the bionic woman, so you never know…

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