I thought it very appropriate to post something on this day when we are all prompted to remember how wonderful women are…! (Sure, we all knew that anyway; we don’t really need to be reminded!)

The theme or keyword of International Women’s Day, 2018, relates to progress. Whether it be womankind or individual progress, this deserves to be celebrated. With regards to the land of Pole, attitudes are starting to change, views more open-minded and the skills recognised. The Pole Infinity Studio represents these ideas. It is a place inhabited by strong women (physically and mentally – even if they don’t realise it) who are supportive, motivating, encouraging, determined and brave. It is a place where expectations are defied beyond your imagination.

I think one of the most inspiring quotes I have heard connected to Pole is, ‘Focus on what your body can do, not what it looks like’. To me, pole fitness is one of the most empowering things a female can do. Despite the fact that attitudes are shifting somewhat, there may still be a belief that women spin around a pole, or dance, or hang upside down, or do the splits, in order to impress or please men. This is such an untruth. (After all, who would want to endure bruising; go through bottles of Arnica Cream and fake tan (to avoid translucent legs and to cover up those ‘pole kisses’); aches and pains; sometimes literally, blood, sweat and tears; chalk marks on your clothing and legs sticking together – apparently baby oil works for that – in order to amuse the male of the species…?) The combination of athleticism, femininity, skill, beauty and strength, combine to create an activity (or sport) which allows you to feel free, uninhibited and in the moment. It is an inner power, a stripping back (not literally!) to inner beauty, flouting expectations and regaining control.


On a personal note, what a progression I have made… From being clothed top to bottom in my first 6 weeks (or more) and refusing even the suggestion of a photograph, to… well, this… What progress I have made in my confidence, self-esteem, attitude, skills, fitness, strength and relationships. I am proud to have met and be-friended such brilliant ladies. I am proud of what I can achieve on the pole. I am proud to be more ‘myself’. I am proud of my newly acquired positive attitude. I am proud to be part of Pole Infinity!

If it wasn’t for that initial first step out of my comfort zone (WAY out of my comfort zone), I would probably not have made such progress, developed friendships and been around these strong and kind women. It is said that, ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. It is called a comfort zone for a reason and it is understandable that to ‘break free’ is not easy. But think of how proud you will be; what you can achieve; how you can progress; what you can learn; who you might meet…How your life might change.

What better way to step out of your comfort zone and celebrate Women’s Day than to sign up for one of Pole Infinity’s classes in the upcoming term (commencing 26th March)!?

So, let’s progress and move forward: dance, twerk, slide, twirl, skip, skate, spin – however you choose (as long as those toes are pointed!) Let’s instil these qualities and attitudes in today’s young ladies so as they can think and achieve beyond the expected, becoming independent, strong, successful individuals.


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