Introducing… Ms. Infinity…

Welcome to the place which is passionate about all things pole (and beyond).

If you have visited the wonderful world of Pole Infinity, you will understand the fun, fabulous friends and fantastic classes that exist within. If you are a Pole Infinity virgin, you will, no doubt, want to experience the obsession, the passion, the magic of pole.

Why Infinity?

Infinity suggests a never-ending adventure; it conveys excitement; it evokes endless possibilities. Such is the Studio that many call their ‘Happy Place’.

The imagination and innovation of programmes, classes and initiatives at Pole Infinity is unending – From Burlesque to hanging upside down in hammocks; sky-high heels to chair dancing; spinning around poles to mindful crafting; self-defence to matters of the mind… Who knows what will be in store in the Studio’s future? – Its dreams, ideas and plans go beyond the norm.

Supposedly, the sky is the limit, but in the land of pole, there are no limits. You can do and achieve things you never thought possible (believe me, I know!) You can reach your goals and beyond, whether it be in relation to:

Fitness and physical activity

Socialising and fun

Body image

Ticking off your ‘life list’

Dancing in a show


Improving attitude and well-being

Or just getting out of the house!

Add to all this, the constant encouragement, belief and confidence from the instructors (the word can’t is banned in the Studio) and the lifelong skills, friends and confidence you will undoubtedly acquire … How can you possibly resist the opportunity to fly, spread your wings and climb high (all of which you can literally and metaphorically do at Pole Infinity!)?


I am sure I will have boundless opinions, classes, ideas, experiences, opportunities and views to share, so make sure to follow Ms. Infinity and maybe even treat yourself and join a class (you know you’re worth it!) Incredible pictures, amazing videos and beyond at: pole_infinity and @PoleInfinityDerry

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